Saturday, 12 September 2015

{REVEAL} Pine Ridge Treasures Favourite Things Blog Hop and Challenge!!

Hi lovelies, and welcome to my FIRST EVER blog hop/challenge! I'm super excited about this and am dying to show you all my goodies. 

If you're unfamiliar with this concept, we all received a package of gorgeous things from Lisa and our challenge was to make jewellery using those items and items from our own stash if necessary. First of all, the package of yummy beady goodness that I received from Lisa was even more gorgeous than I thought it would be. The colours are stunning, the quality amazing, and it's all just beautiful stuff. 

I was, to be 100% honest, a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there was in this parcel, and it took ages for me to be able to sort through my thoughts enough to come up with pieces that made any sort of sense whatsoever. What I managed to come up with though, is in my opinion, the beginnings of a lovely Autumn themed line of jewellery that will suit many tastes and styles. So, without further ado, here we go: 

Piece 1. ~ Necklace

I wanted something super simple and yet elegant for my first piece. I originally wanted to do something totally asymmetrical and random looking, but I never find that easy to do and of course, ended up with something far more symmetrical. I'll work on that ;) I love the colours in this, and thought the addition of a bronze metal leaf from my own stash made sense for an autumn/fall range. (Focal from Joan Miller). 

Piece 2 ~ Memory Wire Bracelet
Keeping with the bohemian autumn feel, I decided to go with memory wire bracelets instead of messing about with clasps and multi strands (okay, okay....I initially went with multi strand and decided I hated everything!) 

Piece 3 ~ Second memory wire bracelet

This one uses the smaller, less chunky of the beads in this pack, giving it a completely different look: 

Pieces 4 - 7 ~Earrings 

All earrings are hung on sterling silver wires. I deliberately went with small and delicate rather than big and bulky. 

26g silver wire is used to wrap the top drilled leaf beads, This has been done in a natural, organic fashion rather than concentrating on nice, even wraps. 

That's it! My first ever blog hop and challenge! I'm hooked! I'm already looking forward to doing more in the near future. I'll be listing all of these pieces on the website; look out for this post being edited with the details. 

Enjoy your weekend! Lots of love,

***Here are the other gorgeous people involved in this blog hop. Please go check them all out and love on them a little bit :D***

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  1. I love blog hops. I hope you keep hopping. I love the beads that you got. They are my colors. Your necklace is a wonderful design. Congrats on your beautiful pieces!

  2. Beautiful pieces, I enjoyed seeing what you came up with. I also hate messing with multi-strand bracelets and necklaces. They are such a pain for me.

    1. Hiya Kim, Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I actually love doing multi strand stuff, but for whatever reason I just couldn't get any of them to sit right, or to behave the way I wanted them to! Frustrating!

  3. Awesome collection. Lisa does do us proud with her combo's she sends out. Love the colors and your necklace is spectacular. Welcome to the club, it is habit forming.

  4. Wow, Jacqui! You made so many beautiful pieces! I love them all. My favorite is the 2nd memory wire bracelet. I would wear your whole collection with pride. Thanks for being in the hop!

    1. Lisa, thank YOU for sending such gorgeous things for me to work with! Love all of them :D

  5. I love blog hops, and challenges. You did a Lovely job on all your pieces, I like the Boho Necklace, the flow of the first bracelet and earrings #1 and #4 my Favrites.

    1. Yes, me too Gloria. I think maybe I feel a habit forming haha! If you know of any other challenges going, please let me know! I'd love to get involved with more. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback :)

  6. Welcome to the blog hop and challenge world; it's fun and addictive as you are discovering! You did get a great job sorting through the plethora of great beads you got! You made lots of beautiful pieces. Your necklace is great! And I'm a big fan of chunky, so your first bracelet is my favorite.