Thursday, 18 June 2015

5 Fabulous Jewellery Tips For Guys!

A little while ago, I did a Q &A thingymajig on my Facebook Page. One of the questions I received was from a lady wanting to know what jewellery was on trend for our men folk.

Now, I admit it, I don't do much men's jewellery. I think I should, and this blog is sort of the start of my men's line. I also don't follow trends much, but sometimes I feel there's a place for them, so over the next few days I'll follow the advice I've found and see what I can come up with. 

So with all that said, here are my Top 5 tips for guys (with a little lots of help from the internet!) 

1. Bracelets. 

If you ask my hubby, or any of my male friends, they'll tell you "No! Men don't wear bracelets! Men wear watches. Men occasionally wear cuff links. They do not wear bracelets!" 

Guess what? Not true. 

Thin, leather bracelets that can be worn with watches and stacked with other pieces are very "in" this year. Brands and designers such as Miansai and Alexander McQueen are doing some seriously AWESOME stuff with men's bracelets. Check them out. I don't think I'll ever convince my hubby but I think this look is HOT! (I really, really love the little metal skulls in these bracelets. I have some of those somewhere, I'm sure of it! Hmm.)

2. Necklaces. 

Icon Brand Wild at heart necklace
I've always loved necklaces on guys but it's soooo easy to get this look wrong. According to everything I've read so far, these are your best tips for wearing necklaces: 

  • Go for SLIM LINE. Don't go chunky, ever. 
  • Medium width chains, please. Don't go all rapper on us.
  • Look for silver, brass and gold. They won't be hard to's EVERYWHERE. I'm also seeing lots of black. As far as precious stones are concerned, I'll always suggest hematite and onyx for guys. But as always, it's up to your personal preference, too.
  • Keep it simple. 

3. Rings

Rings don't have to be scary, nor do they only have to tell the world, "Hey! I'm off the market!" They can be a gorgeous, fresh, stylish addition to your wardrobe. 
Here's some tips: 
  • Don't JUST go for plain gold, silver or rose gold - they will look too much like wedding rings (Not that there's anything wrong with that but if you're single, that might not be something you want the ladies thinking!)
  • Go for designs cast from oxidised silver, brass, and zinc for a look that's a little more bohemian and less matrimonial 
  • Layer up or just wear's really up to you but make sure that you don't end up looking like Mr T, please!

4. Cuff links

Let's face it, it's wedding season (or at least it is here, anyway. Not sure about the rest of the world!). This means that at some point, you may need to dress more formally than usual. Somehow I can't see how a crisp white T shirt and jeans are going to go down well at a formal, black tie event. In the event that you have to ditch your T for a tux, cuff links are a timeless classic that every guy should own (I really, really like these on the right by T.M Lewin). There are some awesome styles out there at the moment, so go ahead and check them out. Summer is a great time to experiment with different types of cuff links too; don't feel that you have to go only with silver or gold. 

 5. And finally.....

Guys, do whatever it is that makes you happy. If a watch is enough, just wear your watch. If you want to layer up necklaces (that DON'T make you look like Mr T!), go for it. If you want to wear rings that look like wedding rings even though you've never been it. 
Don't wear stuff just because some random fashion or jewellery blog tells you to. Your own personal style is just that. Yours. Be unique, be different, be yourself. 

With love, 


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