Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Midlife Madness - How I'm Coping With An Apparent Early "Change"

One of the wigs I just bought
from the amazing
Gothic Lolita/Rockstar Wigs
Rock collection
Something weird is happening to me. I'm reinventing myself ever so slowly....and not even really thinking about it. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered three wigs from Gothic Lolita wigs (check them out, they're amazing!) because "hey...get totally kick ass handmade  jewellery from the chick with the awesome wig collection!" 


To be honest I've always loved wigs - I find them to be totally fabulous, and for someone who cannot grow their hair, they're also a lifesaver! Yay for new hair every day! Woohoo! I'm so excited!

I bought funky new stuff I can use as jewellery displays because "hey...velvet is boring!"

Ooookay then......

No, really. It sounds so much lamer than it is. I went op shopping (thrift store shopping for my US fans) and found some pretty awesome photo frames that I'm hoping to turn into earring displays. I got some gorgeous material (NOT velvet, even though the check out lady was puzzled and gave me the "Why aren't you using velvet?" thing) which will hang earrings perfectly and this week I'll get all creative with that.  

I couldn't get my new polymer clay pieces into the gift boxes that I spent a STUPID amount of money on last year, so off I went to Spotlight (again!) and found these super cute paper mache ones that I'm in the middle of painting to match my colour scheme. They're ADORABLE and my customers will love them. I apologise for the awful photo. My camera decided it was going to just die a few months ago so i've been using my phone, which under normal lighting and whatnot, isn't awful. This photo just happens to be under NON normal lighting and not properly thought through. Sorry :/

I'm desperate to get my nails done in those long sharp points I see loads of people totally rocking lately. I mean come on, who DOESN'T want absolutely incredibly sexy nails like this. Riiiiight??? 

I want rockabilly dresses and more tattoos. I want to experiment and try all sorts of new makeup looks because....... 

"Hey, being almost 40 doesn't mean DEAD!"

My question therefore is.....

Is a midlife crisis at 37 (almost 38) actually a thing?

I thought I had to be in my 40's before this crazy set in! And if it is a thing, then how come it's setting in before the dreaded monthlies stop? That hardly seems fair. I mean, let me have the crazy without the bloating and cramping and whatnot.

I'm sure my husband thinks I've gone quite mad, although he's super supportive and doesn't really SAY he thinks I'm completely whacko. My kids just roll their eyes at me and groan. I haven't even TOLD most of my friends about this stuff. 

Why do women do that? We go through these phases in our lives, then we're so horrified by it that we can't even confide in our best friends about the inner workings of our minds because "OMG what if she judges me?!?" 

Good grief. 

I feel sorry for our men folk. I can't understand us and I'm one of us! God only knows how they feel! 

Anyhoo, between waiting anxiously for clay and wigs and jewellery making supplies to arrive, and the nagging feeling that I'm slowly but surely losing my mind, this is what I look like most days, except..less furry.

In my defense though, at least it's not sports cars an 20 year old men that I'm addicted to! 



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